Better Butters & Simpler Smoothies

If it’s not your first time hearing about the NutraMilk, you will know that one its most impressive features is the ability to efficiently make nut milk without the need to soak the nuts. This makes the NutraMilk a time-efficient and incredibly easy way to make nut milk from scratch, without the added sugars, thickeners, and emulsifiers that are commonly found in nut and seed butters. But did you know that NutraMilk have recently released a new item to their range purely for butters and smoothies? Introducing the NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set.

BETTER BUTTERS While all of your favourite butters can also be created in the standard mixing bowl, the Butter & Smoothie Set has been specifically designed to be used for butters, spreads, dips, and smoothies, and includes a mixing bowl and lid, wiper blade and cutting blade assembly. The mixing bowl has no need for an inner filter as it’s not designed for making milks, so clean-up is incredibly easily. And with the extra mixing bowl added to your NutraMilk collection, you can also make separate butters in different containers without the risk of cross contamination from allergens. You can choose from simple nut butters which are only one or two ingredients, or create deliciously decadent dips or sweet (but healthy) spreads that the kids will love. Want to make the switch from sugary hazelnut spreads to something that’s better for your kids? Using the NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie Set, you can blend your hazelnuts until smooth and simply fold in a cup of your choice of chocolate chips. (Tip: For a super smooth choc hazelnut butter, fold in the chocolate chips while the butter is still warm so they melt. For little chunks of chocolate through the butter, let the butter cool slightly before adding the chocolate chips.)


Smoothies are one of the easiest ways to incorporate a greater quantity of healthy and delicious foods into your diet. The simplicity and ease of throwing all of your ingredients into a blender and whizzing them up is now more popular than ever with many different blenders and smoothie-makers now available. And fair enough – the idea of creating a meal in less than a few minutes that you can pour straight into a bottle and drink on-the-go without compromising on healthy ingredients and taste is quite attractive. Peach and banana smoothie, anyone? And to give users the best smoothie experience, the Butter & Smoothie Set has been designed with a pouring spout on one side and a useful handle on the other to make pouring out smoothies super fast, easy, and accurate.


Though there are hundreds of different blenders available on the market today – with prices ranging from $15 up to more than $1500 – the NutraMilk is still the only domestic kitchen appliance on the market which allows you to create nut milks, butters, and smoothies in the one compact and easy-to-use machine in a matter of minutes without breaking the budget. And with the Butter & Smoothie Bowl Set it’s easier than ever to make healthy, delicious, and additive-free butters and smoothies at home. The NutraMilk Butter & Smoothie bowl is now available from your nearest reseller by itself or in a special NutraMilk bundle!

See our Where to Buy section for more info on where you can purchase the NutraMilk and check out the video below for a delicious smoothie popsicle recipe!